The process of finding the startup or upgraded office space is certain to be an exciting time and is seen as a great turning point for the future of a business. But, it is essential to be careful in the process of choosing an office to ensure it matches the specific needs. Any office space should have the ability to grow and thrive with your team. Here are four tips to help find the right office space:

Determine the space you need

A significant step to get the right startup office space is to have enough space. A basic rule is to have at least 1000 sq ft for every 4-6 workers. However, this may need to be expanded if the business has a lot of supplies or equipment. Also, the layout of the office should be able to match the type of business and needs of the employees.

Consider your employees

If you are planning to relocate the office it certainly benefits to be considerate to the employees. Try to get a basic idea of where all the employees live and attempt to find an office space that is well-located and easy to reach on a day-to-day basis. An easy to reach or centralized location is certain to benefit a business in the long-term because the existing talent is more likely to continue working for you.

Look to sublease an office

For the startup business that is still in growth mode, there is the option to sublease for the short-term until you know the finances are more stable. Rather than signing a long-term contract with a commercial landlord, it may be possible to go with a month to month contract that can give more flexibility in the event of unexpected issues in the future.

Work with an agent

If you want to save time and make the search more efficient, it may benefit to use the services of an agent that you trust or has been recommended to you. Try to get personal referrals from those you trust in an effort to find the agent that has a track record for successfully finding the right office space. Plus, for those relocating to a new area, the agent will be more knowledgeable of the area and will be able to point out the best parts of the city or town. Plus, they will help find a location that has the right facilities and conveniences nearby.


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