Both the law and legal studies have evolved with time. The law has evolved both in terms of its branches and amendments. Legal studies have evolved both in terms of focus areas and methods. There has never been a dearth of aspiring lawyers and attorneys, at least not in America. But with the limited demand for paralegals, besides legal studies, paralegal studies have come into focus in a new light.

With increasing competition in the field, many students are now turning to an online education to pursue their legal and paralegal studies. Online degrees in law and legal studies are available from the associate’s level to the master’s level.

Online Associate’s Degree in Law & Legal Studies – Overview

About: An online associate’s degree in law and legal studies is a sort of primer which acquaints students with and prepares them to enter the legal field and system. It is, probably, one of the best ways of training for the skills necessary to assist professional lawyers. The degree can generally be earned in a span of two years (approximately 60 credits).

Online Degrees & Online Colleges:

The online degrees are offered in the form of:

Associate of Arts (A.A.) – Paralegal Studies
Associate of Science (A.S.) – Paralegal Studies
Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) – Paralegal Studies
Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) – Legal Administrative Assistant

Details (such as admission criteria and admission procedures) can be sought from college websites or from the admissions department pertaining to online colleges.

Coursework: The coursework in an online associate’s degree in law and legal studies is foundational. It includes a familiarization with the working of the law, the federal court structure, and different court rules. It also includes instruction in legal language and legal research. Examples of courses are courses in civil procedures, contract law, legal interview techniques and administrative law.

Prospects: The online associate’s degree in law and legal studies will enable you to enter the legal field or continue your education with a bachelor’s degree program. The job opportunities and salary are varied and you can choose either to enter private practice or work in a corporate law firm, other types of law firms, the public sector, or to open up your own practice and to accept or reject cases based on your own predilection.

Merits/Benefits: Online education ensures that those aspiring to enter the legal field can choose from a variety of online associate’s degree programs in law and paralegal studies. The online degrees in law at the associate’s level are especially designed keeping in mind students with work or family obligations. Online students can take instructions in a place and at a pace of their choice. This is spectacular but do not engage online courses in law just for the sake of it. Let’s think big picture, America is awash in lawyers and some say lawyers are the cause for high health costs – that is another subject. The need for engineers for instance in America is strong even in a recession. The U.S. is saturated with lawyers, spending money and time on a degree platform where the field is not as open as it used to be is not the most prudent decision. If tort reform ever is enacted, lawyers in America will certainly feel the heat and this does not matter if how much clout fabulous online colleges have accumulated.


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