Daniel Caissie has his teeth checked by Dr. Karen Chang, DDS (center) assisted by dental hygienist Laurie Lonchiadis while his mother Louise comforts him at the Goddard Street dental office.

Affording proper dental care can be extremely expensive for even those with the highest of incomes. However, if you are considered a low income family, affording care can be nearly impossible. Whether it is just you, or you have a spouse and children to worry about, finding a way to afford your dentist visits can be one of your biggest struggles. Going without insurance or care may feel like your only option, but it does not have to be.

Often, it may seem easier to forgo dental care altogether when you are struggling to make ends meet. However, it is often during these times when we need proper dental care the most. If you have a family, it is your duty as a parent to provide proper care to your children. It is during these times that you may need to acquire about various forms of assistance other than classic insurance.

Luckily, if you are struggling to afford proper health and dental care, you may qualify for government assistance. There are many government programs that are tailored to benefit low income families. These programs may pay part or even all of your dentist bills. This can be extremely beneficial to those who do not have the financial means to pay for the care they so desperately need.

Most areas have an office you can contact to learn more about their government assistance programs. You may also ask a dentist in your area about the forms of government assistance they accept. Each state will vary by the assistance they offer and the qualifications needed to attain these programs. These can be great for those who are working to improve their financial situation but are currently struggling to make ends meet.

Another program that is available that is great for those who do not qualify for government assistance is a discount dental plan. These plans allow you to pay a certain fee every month and in turn receive hefty discounts at the dentist. The benefit of this option is that almost anyone who applies will be accepted. This means no matter your income you can benefit.

Though these plans will not cover your entire bill, they will significantly reduce it which can help you pay the remainder much more easily. You will never pay what you would have to pay out of pocket. Also, these types of companies usually offer a variety of plans from individual to family, to fit your exact needs. While you will have to pay for these plans, you will pay a much more manageable sum and receive an amazing discount.

Your best option would be to have some form of insurance or discount program to help pay for your dentist visits. However, you can always just pay for the work you need out of pocket. This may be an option if you only need a small amount of care completed on your smile. Many dentists may offer payment options that will allow you to pay for your care over time, instead of all at once.

A negative to paying for your care in installments is that you will still pay the entire price and you will not have the protection for future visits that comes with insurance. A positive is that you will still receive the work you so desperately need, but you will be able to pay for it in much more manageable payments. This can be a good option for an individual who does not require family coverage and has relatively healthy teeth. You may want to contact several dentists in your area to see if they offer any payment plans.


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