Every parent wants their child to receive the best education possible. When it comes to picking an elementary, secondary, or university program, one of the biggest choices parents have to make is public versus private schools. While the vast majority of children are part of the public education system, independent programs offer their students a better educational environment. Here are some of the reasons why.

Chance to Specialize

When students attend a public institution, they are generally enrolled in whatever program is geographically closest to them. This can limit their options tremendously. On the other hand, students who attend private schools have a much wider selection, limited only by how far they are willing to travel. This wider selection allows parents and children to select an institute which caters to their strengths. If the child is a superb cellist, they can make sure to pick a program with a strong music department. If the student excels at athletics, it is easier to find a team that can offer advanced training and instruction if you choose from the independent institutions. Parents and children can also select a program that fits their preferences with regards to classroom size, extracurricular activities, service requirements, religious content, or lack thereof.

Better Test Scores

Success in our current educational system, no matter what the level, is determined through standardized test taking. Those who test better will be accepted into more advanced classes, gain more academic notice, and receive more scholarship money. Study after study has consistently shown that students from private schools outperform their public counterparts on standardized tests. A 2014 study showed the average SAT score for public students was 492 for reading, 498 for writing, and 501 for math. Test takers from independent institutions had average scores of 535, 542, and 580 respectively. Similar differences are seen on advanced placement tests, the ACT, and a myriad of others.

Better Chance At Attending College

The average high school graduate will earn approximately $600,000 over the course of their career. If a student graduates from college with a bachelor degree, that number doubles to $1,200,000. In short, attending college is still the best way to ensure a successful future, financially. Unfortunately, only 30% of students from the public system obtain their bachelor degree. Students from independent institutions receive their degree at a 60% rate, again doubling their public counterparts.

In conclusion, private schools simply have more advantages to offer their students than the public system. Students graduate from independent institutions at a higher rate, with higher test scores. These students attend college at double the rate of their public counterparts. Furthermore, parents and children can pick specific programs from the independent institutions to fit the needs, desires, and talents of each student. Independent institutions simply have more to offer their students.


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